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“Absolutely fantastic!”

– HRH Prince Edward –

“I have had multiple athletes and staff approach and thank me for arranging your visit. They all said how inspiring, motivating and positive you are, and how useful they found the talk for their own journey on the road to the Olympics. You made a huge impact in such a short space of time!”

-English Institute of Sport and the GB Archery Team  –

“Hugely engaging and entertaining with plenty of food for thought for all of us watching. Thank you for not just having great stories to tell, but for telling them in such a compelling  way. One of the team at dinner tonight has now pledged to cycle around the world for charity – or rather the distance equivalent to round the world… how about that!”

-GlaxoSmithKline, global leadership conference –

It really felt like we experienced the journey with Anna. Her passion for pursuing a life beyond the norm, and her drive to encourage others to do the same shone through from start to finish. She delivered a truly memorable presentation and I would welcome her back to speak at future events in a heartbeat.”

– Cancer Research UK- 


“Brilliant. Just brilliant. Have you ever considered a career in stand up comedy?! The most engaging and energetic talk we’ve ever had. Our heads are now swimming with ideas for explorations – big and small.”  

– The North Face – 

You are an incredibly talented speaker – full of guts, energy, determination, stamina and vision. You told your story with great humour, and placed us right in the heart of the action. As a result you have encouraged each and every one of us to try new things and push ourselves more. We can’t wait to hear what you get up to next!”

– Barclays –

Handshake with Prince Edward - St James' Palace

“All of those in the room at the Gold Award Presentation raved about you! Having you as a presenter really made all the difference, and made the day extra special for the young people and their families. We can’t thank you enough.”

– Duke of Edinburgh presentation, St James’ Palace – 

“Your energy on stage is incredible!””

– TEDx, Royal Holloway- 

“In the same way Jamie Oliver has a kind of innate and interminable positivity that makes cooking and food seem like the best thing ever, adventurer Anna McNuff manages to do that about life when she takes to the stage.”

– Stylist Magazine –

“To be on stage in front of 700 people is one thing. To hold court, field questions from the crowd and conduct fascinating and insightful interviews with fellow adventurers is entirely another. Congratulations on hosting the best female adventure panel I’ve had the pleasure to watch. More time next year please – 30 minutes is not enough!”

– The Adventure Travel Show, Olympia, London – 

“I laughed, I cried, and I left ready to take on the world.”

– Deloitte, Auckland –

“I don’t think I’ve ever met a lady with more get up and go in my entire life! What an absolute pleasure to work with, from start to finish.”

– The Telegraph Outdoors Show, London-

“We were all thoroughly  inspired by your after dinner talk – it was exactly what the team needed after a long day at the conference. You are living proof that if you have the determination you can achieve anything you want to.”

– Reading University, Agriculture conference –

“By far the most entertaining speaker we’ve ever had! You delivered your message of not being afraid to take on big challenges with such conviction and courage.”

– Rapha Cycling Festival –

“Anna is truly are a breed apart!’

– GPJ marketing, Sydney –

“You and your ‘pants of perspective’ absolutely stole the show tonight. What a performance!”

– Hope and Homes for Children, UK –




In a hurry? Download everything you need in the speaking for businesses PDF here


High energy talks – delivered with raw honesty, humour and passion. Topics covered include:

  •   Confidence and self-belief
  •   Overcoming fear of failure
  •   Growth mindset and the courage to begin
  •   The ability to ‘choose your attitude’
  •   The Importance of perspective & positivity
  •   Determination, resilience and perseverance

My talks are life lessons from the road, with a theatrical twist.

From sitting on an International Regatta start line in Great Britain colours, to finding myself deep in the New Zealand bush alone and injured – I’ve learnt a great deal about personal limits in the past 15 years, and I’m still learning.

Adventures require planning. There are sacrifices to be made to get to the start line, and a daily juggling of logistics once out there. Then there are the times when things go belly up, which is often.

Even the hardiest days on the road come down to mindset. To the ability to make a choice about how you approach the challenges that lie ahead.

There are stories to be told, characters to be painted and shared. And I love nothing more than doing just that.


Through the stories I share on the stage, my aim is to help the audience do three things:

  • Realise that our capabilities are governed only by the mental limits we impose upon on ourselves.
  • Dispense with a fear of what might happen if you and fail, and focus instead on finding the courage to simply begin.
  • View life and the choices we make through a fresh ‘lens’ – question whether to take the safe, easy comfortable route or opt for greater risks, in favour of greater rewards.

At an individual level, working through these three areas will lead to increases in confidence, creativity, and a reduction in failure related anxiety.

At an organisational level this means fostering an innovative, dynamic culture, where employees aren’t afraid to take risks, and are motivated to embrace change.


You can read more about my life philosophy here.

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