Tales of adventure shared with honesty, humour and passion.

Whether you’re a school,business, a teacher, a CEO or one of those grown up kids with responsibilities and a mortgage – I guarantee I have a tale or two that’ll get your audience fired up and ready to take on the world.

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Talks for school kids

I’ve visited over 400 schools around the world to talk to kids of all ages about lessons learned through adventure. From pre-schoolers, to excitable Beaver Scouts, to my toughest gig yet – trying to convince a room full of teenage boys in New York that riding a giant pink bicycle was ‘awesome’. My message for young adventurers … Continue reading Talks for school kids

Talks for big kids

In a hurry? Download everything you need in the speaking for businesses PDF here “Absolutely fantastic!” – HRH Prince Edward – “I have had multiple athletes and staff approach and thank me for arranging your visit. They all said how inspiring, motivating and positive you are, and how useful they found the talk for their … Continue reading Talks for big kids