Getting Kids Outdoors

Hanging with my bros, 1991, France.

Hanging with my bros, 1991, France.

My Favourite definition of success is to leave this world a little better than you found it. It’s why I’m hugely passionate about being a Girl Guiding ambassador, and using my adventures as a platform to encourage youngsters to get outdoors, and get exploring.


My childhood was just the most awesome adventure. As a middle sibling, with two brothers you’d likely have found me on a football pitch, ragging a battered BMX through the forest, climbing trees or face-planting into the nearest muddy puddle. It never occurred to me that growing up would be anything but.


Adventure, sport and the great outdoors are powerful tools in developing the mindset of a child. Time invested in either will instil a level of confidence where there may have been the absence of it before. It will help them to discover their strengths and learn how to overcome adversity. Best (most bestest of all) adventure let’s kids be kids. Regardless of whatever else may be going on in their life.

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Letters from the kids at Woodmere Elementary, Ohio. And my replies. You’re never too old to get the felt tips out…


I’ve done my share of fundraising in the past few years, raising over ¬£20,000 for Right to Play and The Outward Bound Trust – charities which get kids into sport and the great outdoors. Fundraising is fabulous, but there’s a truckload of good to be done beyond dishing out spondoolies. Sometimes kids just need to see it to believe it. So I focus on the difference I can make to one child at a time, by planting a starter seed in their mind for a lifetime of exploration.

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Each of my adventures has something weaved into it specifially for mini adventurers. On smaller journeys it might be offering a Skype classroom lesson about running the length of Hadrian’s wall. On longer expeditions I’ll always visit schools en route – to share tales of adventure and showcase the beauty of the country they live in. Over the past 3 years I’ve spoken to over 10,000 youngsters whilst on the road, and I’ve no plans to stop anytime soon.


If even one child remembers the crazy blonde haired adventurer who ran / cycled / hiked into their classroom one day and waxed lyrical about the beauty of the planet, I’ll be a very happy girl. And if one of those kids finds the confidence to step outside of their comfort zone and explore the limits of their capabilities as a result – well, that makes me the happiest crazy blonde haired adventurer on this planet.

Little minds

St Clair School, Rawlins, Wyoming