NZ Run: Gear list

Phwooaaaaaaar. Everyone loves a bit of a gear geek-out.

All of my adventures are self-funded, so the precious possessions in my backpack are there because I think they’re the best around. That, or I ran out of spondoolies to buy the best. But mostly, they’re the best.

One exception are Crewroom – who, as well as offering top-notch kit, also happen to be long standing chums. They support me with bright badass attire for my sweaty little bod.

Everything below plus the backpack weighs in at a rather civilised 7.5kg. Goodness. Who knew you could be so redunkulously happy with relatively so little.



4 thoughts on “NZ Run: Gear list

  1. Barbara says:

    I like the kit. Being a cycle I so also need to keep kit at it’s minimum, so have a kindle app on my Ipad. I’m looking to replace my mat so will have a look at the make you use. Thanks.

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