My Now Page

Welcome to my ‘now’ page! This page is for anyone who would like to know what I’m likely doing right this very moment. Last updated: May 16th, 2018.

Right now I am… in Mexico, speaking at a sustainable tourism conference. I’m doing my best to take a little down time.

I’m also currently focussed on a few things:

Editing my next book. The first one seems to have gone down rather swell, so I’d say it’s high-time I shared the tale of an 11,000 mile journey through the 50 states of the USA by bike. I am currently at the first draft stage, and have just about got to the point in the editing where I believe that it may not perhaps be quite so terrible, after all. Onwards I go.

Finishing off an audiobook of The Pants Of Perspective. Recording an audiobook of 100,000 words is actually quite a challenge – who knew! The first pass is done, but there’s a lot of editing to do. I’m aiming to get it out in mid summer 2018.

Growing the Adventure Queens Community. I seem to have accidentally started a women’s adventure tribe. We now have over 4,000 active members, and are giving away an adventure grant. This is my not-for-profit passion project and is growing legs and arms and moving in new directions every single day.

p.s I shamelessly stole the idea for this page from one of my life value heroes – Derek Sivers. Read about Now pages here.