London Adventures

In the Summer of 2014 I began a merry mission to explore London and its outskirts. What started as a group of 4 friends on a 6 week mission, grew to over 150 people taking to the hills, rivers and lakes around the city for midweek escapes over the course of 7 months.

We ate picnics, drank mead, watched sunsets and sunrises, chatted, laughed, sang and slept out under the stars. And realised that life really couldn’t get much better than that.

You can catch up on the blogs about the adventurous goings on here:

Or you can read more about Microadventures at Alastair Humphrey’s site here.


2 thoughts on “London Adventures

  1. Tim Gane says:

    I love this idea, I heard a podcast with you in it today and when I got home found your website. This is such a cool thing to do, I try and do things with my kids like go down to the beach and watch the sun come up, but this has really got me thinking. Do you know anyone doing this sort of thing in Sydney Australia ? Cheers Tim

    • Anna McNuff says:

      Hi Tim! Ah stoked you like the idea, it’s Alastair Humphreys brainchild – have you checked out his site? I don’t know if anyone personally in Sydney… Sounds like you need to start a group! If you’re on Twitter, tweet Al and ask, and he’ll RT it to his followers, I’m sure. Love that you do that with your kids! They’re very lucky to have you.

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