Mini Adventures

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

– J.R.R Tolkein –

Kick-scooting in Wales

May 2016 and it was time to start thinking about a new adventure. And some way, some how I went and got it into my mind that it would be Grade-A frickin’ awesome if said adventure involved using giant scooters. There was only one problem, I’d never been on a giant scooter before. Well, not … Continue reading Kick-scooting in Wales

London Adventures

In the Summer of 2014 I began a merry mission to explore London and its outskirts. What started as a group of 4 friends on a 6 week mission, grew to over 150 people taking to the hills, rivers and lakes around the city for midweek escapes over the course of 7 months. We ate … Continue reading London Adventures

Running Hadrian’s Wall

In April 2013, a friend an I set out to run 86 miles along the Hadrian’s Wall trail in the North of the UK. Why? Because a) it was there and b) it was rumoured to be absolutely beautiful. It didn’t disappoint. We ran dressed as a Roman soldiers (naturally), learnt about History along the … Continue reading Running Hadrian’s Wall

Rollerblading Amsterdam

In August 2014, TV presenter Jo Pickard and I set out to rollerblade 100 miles around Amsterdam. Carrying all of our camping gear on our back, we slept in the wild each night and dressed in 80’s clothing  – in a bid to encourage people to Say Yes More to life. It turned out to be … Continue reading Rollerblading Amsterdam

Running the Jurassic Coast

December 2015. Having run the length of Hadrian’s wall dressed as a Roman soldier, it seemed only right that I continue the ‘fancy a run?’ series with a 96 mile jog along the Jurassic coast. And who better to join me for this jaunt through the British countryside than fellow Roman runner Lydia and star … Continue reading Running the Jurassic Coast