Welcome to the McSupermarket! On hand to cater for all your shopping needs. Well, the important ones, anyway.  


A pair of your very own ‘Pants of Perspective’: Because everyone needs a unicorn and a robot having a fight under a rainbow, on their legs.

Price: £15 + Postage cost

Size: One size fits all.

Pants of Perspective Anna McNuff 2


A signed copy of “The Pants Of Perspective – One Woman’s 3,000 kilometre Running Adventure Through The Wilds of New Zealand”

Price: £13 + Postage cost

McNuff_PantsofPerspective_packshot (1)



  1. Email Victoria (the magic adventure elf) on and let her know what item(s) you would like to buy.
  2. Include details of: Your address, who the pants/book should be made out to, and anything special you would like written.
  3. You’ll receive an request to make a payment via PayPal within 48 hours (you don’t need to be PayPal registered and can pay via any debit or credit card).
  4. Once payment has been paid, we’ll ship your goodies within 7 working days.

The 7 day window is to allow for the fact that I may likely (definitely) be out somewhere gallivanting n’ adventuring. Wahoo!

I will of course post worldwide, but just a wee warning that the postage cost will go up the further you live from England’s green and pleasant land.