Life Philosophy


I find the the psychology of travel and adventure as fascinating as the physicality of it. It’s not only something that I love to do, but over the years it has become a fundamental tool for personal development. Every time I edge closer to believing myself to be ‘wise’, an event (read disaster) will unfold that throws an almighty spanner in the works and reduces me, once again, to a lowly student in the school of life.

“The human mind and body have a phenomenal, perhaps infinite, capacity for growth.”

Of course, the pursuit of any worthwhile goal will involve running a gauntlet of ugly and uncomfortable emotions. Emotions that we are only too familiar with, like fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, and vulnerability. With all of those things dangling around our necks, it’s a wonder that we find the courage to embark on life’s great challenges at all.

I’m a firm believer that these emotions are there for a good reason. By taking a step back and acknowledging their presence we can choose to focus more on the on the knowledge that we’ll gain, and the experiences that we are about have. All of a sudden, the end goal seems to matter far less, and we become excited at the prospect of a sense of fulfilment from the journey itself.


When we put ourself out ‘there’, way beyond our comfort zone, and indulge in endeavours that cause our heart to beat fast and our chest to tighten – amazing things happen. Doors open, opportunities arise and most importantly, the painful chinks in our armour heal.

The cracks that threaten to make us fall apart – they seal over. We become far stronger than we’d ever imagined. We grow, immeasurably. We surprise ourself, and find it a far easier process to meet our own gaze in the mirror. We’re animals after all. In testing circumstances it will always come down to fight or flight. And you’re not very well going to lay down, are you?



If there were ever a celebrity death match style showdown between the two emotions that prevent us from taking action – Fear would be in the blue corner, and Failure in the red corner. And you’d find yourself in the middle of the ring.

Failure is an option. In fact, when you’re engaged in projects that are worthwhile – failure is inevitable. Do you remember that great story about the time everything went to plan? Nope. Me either – that sounds like a rather dull tale if you ask me. Failures are a wonderful thing – they are an opportunity to learn, to reflect, and to grow.

Fear is a natural, primal emotion which should be embraced and understood, not fought. What lies on the other side of fear is always something worth fighting for. 


Through the stories I share, in writing and in person, my aim is to help people do three things:

  • Realise that our capabilities are governed only by the mental limits we impose upon on ourselves.
  • Dispense with a fear of what may happen if you and fail, and focus instead on finding the courage to simply begin.
  • Look at life through a fresh ‘lens’ – question whether we’d like to take the safe, easy comfortable route through it or opt for greater risks, in favour of greater rewards.



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