So Long, Canada

As the sun sets on a 3 month journey across Canada, I’m just a little bit gutted to be going home. Usually I come to the end of an adventure and am clinging on for dear life – the longing for home having firmly overtaken the longing for the road. But when the person you miss most from home is sat in the a beat up Dodge Caravan beside you (and there’s a stuffed moose on the back seat), it’s a whole different ball game.


I have some exciting speaking engagements in the UK to honour, starting with tomorrow’s National Running Show and the Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Show at the end of February. I have a new book to begin editing (hurrah!), not to mention the fact that my passion project, Adventure Queens, is growing arms and legs and sprouting in new directions every day – and there’s work to be done getting women fired up and outdoors. So home I must go. But before then…

I would like to thank land land of moose and maple leaves for many things. Primarily for teaching me how to say ‘eh?’ at the end of every sentence, what a toque is (it’s a bobble hat) and at precisely which temperature my nostril hair and eyelashes begin to freeze (-25C)… Continue reading