“A HUGE thanks for all your work on this campaign, Anna. I’ve loved your content and infectious enthusiasm throughout! Thanks for sharing the campaign report too – more proof, if needed, that you’ve done an amazing job. Very much hope to work with you again in future.” M&S

Background: M&S wanted to inspire the nation and help people to stop and think about the things that matter most and make sure they spend time doing these things.

The problem is that, according to new research, most of us spend life on ‘autopilot’ – stuck in a routine, saying ‘yes’ when they mean to say ‘no’, and not focussing on what really matters.

To combat this, M&S created a national day to help the UK focus on what matters most in life.

Campaign Brief: 

I was briefed to show my followers the little things I do to make the most of everyday life (and break out of autopilot). Inspire them to do simple things that enhance their own lives every day.

The majority of posts to be Instagram and Facebook, to allow greater chance for discussion and sharing of experiences – with support on Twitter.

 Channels used: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Campaign length: 1 month

Results: 133,218k reach across 19 posts.

Download the full report, including engagement stats here