Adventure Queens

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These Adventure Queens are living breathing examples of individuals who have taken their first great leap into adventure and have come careering, most ungraciously, out the other side.

I have watched as each one  has transformed from an adventure cattypiddlar into a full blown badass butterfly. The Adventure Queens have courage, and bags of it. And I mean real courage. Not the pretend ‘everything’s okay’, ‘I’ve got this covered’, ‘look at me’ bravado. But raw, honest and beautifully authentic courage.

So take your time to peruse their profiles, listen to or read their interviews and immerse yourself in their journeys. If reading their story gets you all inspired – drop me a line, or better still, let them know directly that they’ve set you’re world alight.

Read the ‘why’ in the original Adventure Queen Blog here.

“No one can pass through life, any more than he can pass through a bit of country, without leaving tracks behind, and those tracks may often be helpful to those coming after him in finding their way.”

– Robert Baden Powell –

Laura Penhaul: Rower

Name: Laura Penhaul | Age: 33 | Mission: Row 9,200 miles across the Pacific ocean | Loves: Boobies | Hates: Pirates Follow Laura (and the Coxless Crew) Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  Watch the Crew’s documentary trailer: Loosing Sight of Shore Watch Laura’s TEDx Talk: What it takes for a team to survive 9 months … Continue reading Laura Penhaul: Rower

Elise Downing: Runner

Name: Elise Downing | Age: 24 | Mission: Run 5,000 miles unsupported around the British coast | Loves: Cake | Hates: Cows I first ‘met’ Elise while I was mid-way through running in New Zealand. Her email to me went as follows:  “I’ve kind of decided that I want to run around the coast of … Continue reading Elise Downing: Runner

Susie Pike: Cyclist

Name: Susie Pike | Age: 32 | Mission: Cycle 5,000 kms across Australia | Loves: Nudgers | Hates: Doubters I first met Susie at the Royal Geographical Society in the Autumn of 2014. A mutual friend introduced us briefly, Facebook solidified the bond, and a few weeks later she appeared at a bonfire night campout … Continue reading Susie Pike: Cyclist

Laura Maisey: Runner

Name: Laura Maisey | Age: 31 | Mission: Running 1,249 miles home from Rome | Loves: Writing | Hates: Unnecessary rural fences I first met Laura on a cold and dark Winter’s morning at London’s fastest growing free fitness initiative, Project Awesome. She seemed the silent type – keeping herself to herself whilst huffing and puffing, determined … Continue reading Laura Maisey: Runner

Emma Frampton: Hiker & Cyclist

Name: Emma Frampton | Age: 33 | Mission: Hike Slovenia, Cycle Cuba | Loves: Planning | Hates: Unexpected snogs Follow Emma: Website | Facebook | Twitter Email Emma through: Of all the Adventure Queens, Emma is my closest friend. Possibly something to do with us having known one another for rather a long time now, but also … Continue reading Emma Frampton: Hiker & Cyclist