Welcome and a ma-hoousive thank you for landing yourself here. Take a hug and a high-five at the door on your way in. They’re free after all.

If this is your first time around, you should probably go and grab yourself a biscuit, just to be on the safe side. And a cup of tea while you’re at it. From there on in it’s a three way street. You can:

  1. Read a little bit about me.
  2. Get armpit deep in adventurin’ from the off – read aboutΒ a recent 1,911 mile trail run through New Zealand
  3. Be on your merry way. But know that I’m grateful you stopped by and hope to see you again soon.

Once you’re all adventured out, feel free to steam right on in there and say hello.Β Β Maybe you can help me. Maybe I can help you. Maybe we’re both just a little bit awesome and need to chat. We won’t know until we do.

50 state Cycle - visiting Reno


40 thoughts on “Hello

  1. mia

    Hi Anna Im mia i go to chisnallwood intermedite school , I really admire what you do and think its amazing ! one day i want to do what you are doing now and will try anything to make that happen last of all I really want to thank you on behave on me and my school !!! we all really enjoyed it thanks once agin ( mia williams room 22 Chisnalwood )

  2. Mikaela

    Hello Anna my name is Mikaela what you are doing is amazing a couple of days ago you came to my school(chisnallwood) and you are truly an insperation to me I hope I can experence what you’ve done one day good luck for the rest of your journey thank you for telling us about a bit of your journey from Mikaela Kerr room 21! :D

  3. mila

    omg u are amazing you came to my school chisnallwood and u changed my life u are a huge inspiration to me i love u u are amazing i showed my mum u and she was amazed i love u and what u do and the fact that i met u is just more amazing i hope u appreciate my support and thanks for coming to our school -mila

  4. kieryn

    hey Anna! my name is kieryn i also go to chisnallwood intermediate and I think that what you do inspires sooo many people! thankyou for coming to our school to show us the incredible things that you have done! Just a question. do you get to have showers? because showers are amazing and I couldn’t stand not having a shower! you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from kieryn morris room 21

  5. Mya

    Hello I’m Mya from St Martins school room 8&9
    thank you for your speech I thought it was amazing!!
    You REALLY expired me to go out of my comfit zone and follow our passion.
    my BFF and I are going to do bike the rail way track in naspbe thanks to you I am really looking forward to thatπŸ˜€ Thank you very much:)

    1. Hi Jordin,
      Ah it was my pleasure to come in and speak to you all – you had some fantastic questions!! I hope you enjoy following the rest of this adventure, and that you plan some adventures of your very own in the future. Big high-five! Anna :)

      1. matthew

        Hi Anna my name is matthew you came to ross intermediate I asked you the how many days have you been you doing this

  6. Korbhan

    Hi Anna I am from Ross Intermediate in Palmerston North. Your speech today was so Coll and inspiring and I hoped you enjoyed coming and talking about it. I wish you luck on the rest of your journey and the future.

  7. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for coming into Ross Intermediate yesterday. Your speech was so inspiring and I am now inspired by you to be more out and adventure-is. I have a question that didn’t get answered, Do you ever get homesick and what is your inspiration in life? I hoped that you enjoyed you talk with us and I certainly did. I hope to see you in the future and Good luck for your Journey.

    And Sincerely
    Grace Fakahau. :)

  8. Rachel

    Hi Anna, this is Rachel from Leamington primary school. I felt you very inspiring. You gave me the courage to think about walking or running a country. I wish you good luck and hope you have fun for the ready of the walk. I also wanted to ask you, what do you do mostly in London, and how many brothers and sisters do you have. Your sincerely Rachel.πŸ˜€πŸ’₯

    1. Hi Rachel, Oh I’m so glad you were inspired and are starting to think about the adventures you might go on one day. It’s a big world out there and there’s so much to explore and see! I have two Brothers called Jamie and Jonty. One is older than me and the other is younger – they live in London too. When I’m at home in London I have a job as a Marketing Manager – that means I help people sell things, like mobile phones and TV’s. A job like that eans that I can work hard, save up money to go on big adventures like the one I’m on now.
      Good luck planning your future adventures – remember to think big! Anything is possible!
      High Five,

  9. Blake

    Hi Anna my name is Blake, and I’m from Leamington school and I hope you have fun doing the rest of the run.
    From Blake McNamara

    1. Hi Blake! Thanks for writing to me – I loved coming in to speak to you all at Leamington School. I hope you’ve got some great adventures planned for when you’re older – remember to dream big and be brave!
      Happy Adventuring,
      Anna and Kiwi Kev

  10. Maddy

    Hi my name is Maddy and I’m from Leamington primary school. I think you are very inspiring. Me and my friend Paige are so inspired by you. We might do the same one day. Good luck hope you finish. Hope you don’t get to hurt .From maddyπŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜Š

  11. Declan

    Hi my name is Declan
    I go to leamington school
    I found you very inspirational and how nice you are to make people get outside more.

    Yours sincerely Declan

    1. Hi Declan,
      Thanks for writing to me – isn’t being outside just the best?!! I hope you’re going to be getting outside lots this weekend – one of the best things about going on a long running journey is that I get to be outside most of the time! Even when it’s raining :/ . But that’s okay :) Good luck in planning your own adventures, and keep doing the things that make you feel happy!
      Anna and Kiwi Kev

  12. Teegan

    Hi my name is Teegan from Leamington school.I wish you a good luck and you have inspired me ( a lot ) and I hope you finish safely. Is it tiring walking New Zealand ?

  13. Annabel

    Hi my name is Annabel , I am from Leamington school. I hope you have fun for the rest of your trip in New Zealand. I Hope you all the best of luck. I Hope you come back soon.

  14. Iritana

    Hi my name is Iritana,
    I wish you luck. Good luck to the finish. You are adventurous. You inspiring me, now I want to walk or run NZ. How many other countries have you done? I come from leamington school. From Iritana πŸƒπŸ’

  15. Paige

    Hi my name is Paige from Leamington school. Your work is amazing not being in your comfort zone, so Maddy and I want to do it so thank you Anna.πŸ˜€

  16. Maddy

    Hi I’m Ebony and I’m 5 years old. I go to leamington primary school. I’m Maddys little sister. You are awesome. Hope you finish safely.
    From Ebony πŸš΄πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’œβ€οΈ

  17. Hi anna you came to visit my school the other day. I really enjoyed every moment of it (deanwell school) you have inspired me for my future enjoy your travels on the north Island lots of love menisha x :-) :-) :-)

    1. Hello! Oh that’s great that you are inspired – and even at 7 years old you can have small adventures, and start dreaming of the big ones you might go on when you’re older. Thanks for listening to me speak. I’m leaving Auckland this weekend and heading North towards the finish line!
      Happy Adventuring!

  18. Dom

    hi Anna i am Dom. You came to our values assembly today at Northcote primary school. I love your determination to run all the way threw New Zealand. I wish you good luck on your big adventure.

    1. Hi Dom! Thanks for writing to me, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the values assembly – I loved coming into Northcote School. Thank you for the luck (and Kiwi Kev says thanks too). I hope you have some adventures of your own planned for when you’re older, and that you’ve found your own courage this week.
      Happy adventuring!

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