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Running New Zealand: An Update

Well stone me, it’s been a while. And seeing as I’ve spent this week piling life possessions into bags and boxes once more, I feel compelled to update you all. Here’s what’s been going down in Adventure Town lately: The Route: Running the Te Araroa from North to South seemed all rather logical. I’d be […]
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Running the length of New Zealand

Deep breath, here goes… I’m going to run the length of New Zealand. There. I said it. On the 15th of January 2015 I’ll set out from Cape Reinga, the very northernmost tip of the North Island and make my way down to Bluff on the Southern tip of the, um, South Island. Just me, […]
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Adventures around London

Aye me, it’s been quite a summer. Now 15 weeks in fact, since a a handful of adventurous chumlings and I set out to sleep wild in each and every county surrounding London. Even though we’ve managed to get a whopping 76 Londonites away from their desks and out to the hills (in the middle […]
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The Roman Run: A Montage

A wee while back (albeit not as far back as 122AD) you may remember I did the following: Dressed up as a Roman soldier Ran the length of Hadrian’s Wall Acquired an over-sized blister named Bobby Here’s a little video about that adventure (you can enjoy the story in words here). Next up, I’ll be […]
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The London Series: Essex and Surrey

Let’s get this out of the way early on, shall we? Deep breath, here goes: TOWIE. Fake Tan. Wel Jel. Reem. Sa’lty Potaata. Motaa’s. Boob jobs. Innit. Dagenham. Romford… I think that’s the lot…oh no wait…. Shuuu Uuuuppp. The marvellous thing about the richest county in England (true fact) is that it offers a little […]
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Microadventure: The London Series

“That street you live on, that street, it’s the road to Africa, to anywhere, to…adventure.” I was sat in the Ellis Brigham Mountain store in Covent Garden, listening to Al Humphrey’s talk about the four years he’d spent cycling around the world. But I wasn’t there to hear about big trips. About grand feats of […]
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The Roman Run: 86 miles along Hadrian’s Wall

I often forget just how beautiful Britain is, and I’d wager I’m not the only one. It took me spending 7 months of last year in another country to appreciate how truly unique my own is. So when I returned to the Green Green grass of home in January, I was determined – to explore […]
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Sunday at the Seaside: Wild swimming in March?

“Fancy planning a day trip to the seaside for a swim?” It was early March when new adventure chum Emily dropped me a message. I won’t detail the ins and outs of my response, but it included an obscene amount of exclamation marks, the words ‘oh my gosh’ in quick succession and an overzealous use […]
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A Mountain Bike Microadventure

At first I’d planned to use the 2013 Easter break to bike the length of the Thames, from the source in Cirencester to Southend on Sea. Unfortunately (and not for the first time) National rail had scuppered one of life’s great adventures by selecting this weekend to cancel Westbound trains. Enter plan B: The South Downs Way: […]
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